Saturday, June 28, 2008

claire wendling

she is my favorite artist today and my wife and i were captivated with this piece. everything about it was so pleasing to us. she is such a great artist in every sense and she inspires me more than any other artist. i am so privileged. thanks stuart.


EL GRANDE said...


Lue Sang said...

ooooOooo -beautiful piece!

y'know, I stumbled across Claire Wendling's site once but, since I can't read French, I was lost as hell.

After seeing this I googled her and saw some more of her work. Amazing sh*t!

mark covell said...

She is a true master of animals and the human form! Love her work. thnks for posting.

Joseph Lee said...

Beautiful Jojo! Thanks for introducing Claire to us!

Delgado said...

O_o Wow! It's purty!

Lue Sang said...

Hey Jojo!! Big up! I was flipping through the August issue of ImagineFX and I caught you bio in there with your 'Bailey' and 'Dancing Boy' pieces.

Wurd boyeeeee!

pablo pablo said...

very nice!


I like you because you are a brilliant artist, a formidable designer and draftsman, and a loyal compatriot.

I dislike you because you own this original.

However, the 'likes' trumps the 'dislikes'. So we can remain friends. Hehe.


Crespo said...

Hi JoJo Would you mind linking your blog in one I'm doing just about artists blog links?

Just drop me like that, and yours is one.

the site is

charleslee said...

coo~~~miss working with ya bro~~!!

Thomas Perkins said...

Very pretty, mon frer! Your versatility is damn fine.

Anonymous said...

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